Syllabus - General English B.ed First Year Detail Syllable

General English

Four Year


B.Ed First year Syllable(411)



B.Ed First year Syllabus  (411)

General Objectives

·         The General objectives of this course are as follows:
·         To help students use grammatically correct English.
·         To expand students repertoire of general and academic vocabulary.
·         To develop students ability to compared and interpret different kinds of written texts.
·         To enable students to compose different kinds of writing for effective communication on matters of general and academic interests.
·         To enhance academic and creative writing skills.

Course Description

This is a general English course designed to developed students proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, reading and academic writing. The grammar components includes elements ranging from tenses to transformation. Vocabulary components covers words from different academic fields. The reading component deals with a wide range of carefully selected authentic text on contemporary and critical issues classified into various themes. The writing component engages the students in the process of academic writing through guided activities.

Evaluation and Time Allotment.

The course is for one academic year and it carries 100 marks. The distribution of marks and time allotment for each unit is as follows:
Unit                             Marks                                      Time
I                                   Grammar                                 20                    20%
II                                  Vocabulary                               15                    15%
III                                Reading                                   30                    30%
IV                                General Writing                       15                    15%
V                                  Academic Writing                    20                    20%

This is the theoretical course. Hence, the learning of the students will be assessed through annual examination held by the office of Controller of Examination. The types of number of questions in the annual examination are given in the following table:

Types of questions
to be asked
Number of questions to be answered and
marked allotted
Group A: Multiple Choice Items
20 questions
20 × 1 mark
Group B: Short
8 with 3
8 × 7 marks
Group C: Long
2 with 1


Specific Objectives and Contents
Specific Objectives
·  Make sentences using appropriate tenses and use modals correctly.
·  Supply correct prepositions, adjectives and adverbs.
·  Apply conditions in the given contexts.
·  Form words and sentences.
Unit I. Grammar (30)
1.  Tenses and modals
2.  Questions,multi-words, verbs and verbs structure
3.  Determiners and preposition.
4.  Passive and conditionals
5.  Word formation and sentences.
·  Extract general idea from texts.
·  Find specific information in the text. Answer questions for the details in the given text.
·  Read and make notes of the important points.
·  Drawing inference from verities of reading text.
Give options and express attitude. Solve problems and puzzles.
1.  Unit III: Reading (50)
 i.   Determining co-reference
ii.   Matching things
iii.   Understanding instructions
iv.   Scanning locating and extracting information
v.   Skimming: finding out main point and the central idea.
vi.   Drawing inference and implications.
vii.   Assessing options and attitudes.
Solving problems and puzzles.
·  Rewrite given text in different forms.
·  Compose short and long texts in the given topics.
·  Maintain coherence and cohesion in writing
Unit III: Reading (50)
        i.            Rewriting: rephrasing, paraphrasing.
               ii.Parallel writing
        iii.Completing a text.
Organizing text: sequencing introductions, connecting ideas.
·      Write letters, resumes, summaries, reports & news
·      Writing summaries
        i.            Writing personal and official letters
      ii.            Writing curriculum vitae (resume) and job application.
    iii.            Writing reports: events and news.
·      List the points from research for writing.
·      Write various essays using academic English
·      Write with proper citation.
·      Avoid plagiarism in writing

Unit IV: Academic Writing
        i.            The researched essay
      ii.            Comparison- contrast essay
    iii.            cause and effect essay
     iv.            argumentative essays
       v.            classification essays
     vi.            reaction essay
Avoiding plagiarism

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